America, Amerika

There are those who would say that President Obama may be charismatic,  but he’s not too bright.  When it comes to solving the countries problems,he just doesn’t get it.

I disagree.

I say that Barak Obama is a brilliant man. A man who has a clear vision of what he wants for this country, and knows how to manipulate the system and the public to make it happen. He has a genuine belief that he can save the country and bring prosperity to everyone.

In the President’s American Utopia, every one contributes as much as he is able into the governmental bucket and everyone only takes out as much as he needs. No one will ever have to worry about housing, food, or healthcare, the government will take care of it. No one in this country will ever again be homeless, hungry, or die for lack of lifesaving medications. Since we will no longer have to find a way to supply our most basic needs, we will be free from boring, soul sucking, dead-end jobs and will find fulfillment in all sorts of charitable pursuits instead. We can spend our days building houses for others, cleaning the shorelines, repairing roads, and growing crops, all for free since we will have no need for an income. Yes indeed, Americans will live in a paradise. Free from worry and want. Where nobody has to work, and yet everyone gets fed. We will be the envy of the rest of the world.

Does he have a plan to avoid the substandard housing, the bread lines and rationed medical care? Can he soothe the discontented masses?  Those who are not happy to merely survive, but long for a purpose and a way to prosper? Does he have the vision to correct the ideological faults that doomed his heroes to failure? No. He doesn’t need to. Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Castro were not worthy of the task. Obama is.

This is the dream that keeps us up at night.  A place where the government slowly and insidiously creeps into our personal lives and dictates every aspect of it.  From what we eat, what lightbulbs we can buy and even what kind of toilet we can flush nothing is made, bought or sold without government’s approval and cut of the profits.  Gone are our rights to our own homes and personal property.  The opportunity to use our hands and minds to create wealth will no longer exist. This is the America that many of us never think will happen. Maybe we are the ones who don’t get it.

The problem is that many people share Obama’s new American Dream.  How do you convince people who are working hard, pay their taxes and yet struggle to put food on the table, and pay their mortgages that it is not the government’s responsiblity to provide relief?  How do you assure someone who cannot afford the treatment they need that there are better alternatives to government health care? How do you persuade an entire generation raised on the liberal bias of the public school system and network media, to fight for the right to work and think for themselves?

This is the challenge Mitt Romney must face if he is to be the next president.  To reignite the passion for personal responsibility in a people who no longer value personal freedom.


4 responses

  1. Mitt Romney is not that ideologically different from Obama. I don’t know why people believe a presidential election has the potential to change the direction of the country. A president doesn’t make the laws- Congress does. And most of the laws that affect people on a daily basis are made by state and local governments. The only thing a president can try to do is set an agenda for Congress and ask them to implement the policies he wants. It doesn’t mean they will do it the way he wants it done or that they will do it at all. And in the case of his health care mandate (which is taken straight from Romney’s book, btw), his policies won’t always hold up in court. Frankly, I’d rather have a do-nothing president like Obama who has shown himself totally incapable of carrying out a policy agenda than someone who has the political smarts and connections to push through change. I view Obama much like I view dietary fiber. It doesn’t really do anything- it just fills up space that would otherwise be taken up by something bad.


    1. middleagedhousewife | Reply

      It is true that Congress, not the President makes the laws and that the State Legislatures do affect our lives more. That is why we should pay more attention to who we elect to those offices than we do. However I do believe that a presidential election does have the power to change the countries direction. He is the leader of the country, the persona of our country to the rest of the world, and he sets the tone, for the nation. His authority may be purely perceptual, but perception is a powerful thing and can influence people. I disagree that Romney and Obama are ideologically similar. Some of their policies may be similar, but the reasoning behind them is very different. True, Romney is just another politician and has the same motivation as most politicians, but Obama is a Marxist. I think he truly believes that the way to solve the countries problems is to provide cradle to grave services to everyone. This really does sound good until you think about how much our tax liability will increase to pay for it. Not to mention that our Constitution was designed to limit government intervention in our lives. I’m not woooohooo excited about Mitt Romney, but I truly feel that Obama is so dangerous to the American way of life, that I really have no other choice but to vote for him. I love your dietary fiber analogy. The end result from most politicians and dietary fiber is the same. 🙂


      1. What has Obama done differently than Bush? What would Romney do differently than Obama?


        1. middleagedhousewife | Reply

          Granted, Congress creates, debates, and passes the legislation, but the setting president has a lot of political pull to push through bills that promote his agenda, and he has veto power to prevent those that don’t. Off the top of my head three such examples come to mind. The passage of Obamacare, mandating that a religious instution provides insurance coverage for birth control even if it goes against its tennents, and the 41% increase in welfare spending. Whether or not you think those thing are good or bad, they would not have happened while Bush was in office. It’s much harder to know what Romney would do differently, my take is that his focus will be more favorable toward business growth than Obama’s would be.


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