The Red Ripple

Early voting is upon us and all around me my fellow conservatives are placing all their hope in the epic “Red Wave” they are sure is coming. I am not so optimistic.  As I drive around, running errands and such, I am utterly amazed by the number of “Beto (Robert Francis) O’Rourke” signs I see. This wouldn’t surprise me in town, but these are rural landowners.  People with many acres of private property with horses and cows peacefully grazing and maybe an oil well or two pumping out the revenue that allows these people to pay the taxes on that property.  This is a group that the left thoroughly despises, and yet they are voting left.  It is astonishing to me that so many people can be gaslighted into voting against their own best interest, but the left is good at that.  They are masters at manipulating people’s emotions.  They shamelessly exploit grieving parents, and people in desperate situations.  They purposely misrepresent Conservative platforms.  And the Republicans let them get away with it.  Leftist rhetoric and talking points can so easily be turned against them, but every election, Republicans drop the ball.  They campaign using the same talking points and platitudes. They campaign as though politics is a game to them, meanwhile our rights and out way of life evaporates away.  Even though Conservative ideology would make life better for all, and many Republicans are passionate about this, they do not come across as compassionate when it comes to selling these ideas.  The left on the other hand, throws out their high-sounding euphemisms “reproductive care, gender affirming, your right to vote”, calling those who cross the border illegally “immigrants”, and the list goes on.  Even though these politically correct phrases are truly disingenuous, the are effective and the Republicans need to take note.  Our future is quite literally at stake


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