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Thank You for Your Service

I know this is a late post for Veteran’s Day, but that is because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this or not. I’ve thought all day about it and feel it must be said.

As the wife of a vet, it is gratifying to know that people appreciate my husband’s military career. It’s nice to see places offering discounts and hear people thanking him for his service. After the atrocious way our Vietnam veterans were treated when they came home, it good to see society attempting to right a terrible wrong.

I do have to wonder however, do these people really know just what they’re thanking a veteran for? There is certainly a debate to be had about politics of war, and the motivations of the politicians who commit our military to it. But at the very core, every war that the United States has fought, from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and even the unpopular wars of Vietnam and Iraq, were fought to attempt to free the world of tyranny. Whether it was from the tyranny of a king, a slave owner, a despot, or the evil scourge of Communism, the military members who fought these battles did so because of their belief in the individual rights our Constitution guarantees. Rights that are extended not just to US citizens, but to all human beings, whatever county they live in.

So, it seems somewhat ironic that many of the same people who are so eager to thank our veterans, are also eager to give up their rights. The very rights that were bought with the sacrifices our veterans made. You see, the real day to honor our veterans was not today, November 11, but last Tuesday, Election Day.

If you voted blue, you voted for their leftist ideology of Socialism and Communism. If you did that and then thanked a vet for his or her service, shame on you. How dare you thank our veterans and then spit on what they fought, and many died for. They fought for you, and they fought for me, and we owe them better than that.

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