Prayer Changes Things

It was great that President Trump declared last Sunday as a national day of prayer, but I have kind of felt led to share this idea. What if we as a nation set aside a specific time like maybe 9 or 10pm each evening to pray our country through this crisis. We can pray for wisdom and good judgment for our leaders, for the medical professionals on the front line of this fight. Pray for the small business owners and their employees that they may be sustained. Pray for healing for those afflicted and for safety for our loved ones. Basically whatever you feel led to pray for. I think there would be great power from the Lord if we praise him and lift each other up in one great unified voice. I must admit that over the weekend I gave in to the fear and panic, but now the Lord has given me a peace about it. We may not know what to do, the things the government is doing might help or make matters worse, but G-d is and will always be in control. We will get through this. It will be alright.

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