Fake News Strikes Again

I come across headlines like this quite often on my Xfinity Homepage. I’m not sure who writes them, whether it is someone at the Comcast corporation who writes content for the homepage, or NBC news itself. As far as I’m concerned, it really doesn’t matter, both are guilty of blatantly attempting to mislead the public. We have gotten so used to “bite size” information from Twitter, Facebook, chats, texts, etc, that few people bother to read a whole story anymore. They look at the headlines and form an opinion, a platform, or a dogma, from them. If you just went by the headline in this story, you would be under the impression that the Ukraine is losing its best and brightest because it has embraced a Western Style culture. If you actually read the story, you would learn that Ukrainian professionals are leaving because the ongoing war has left them and their families with little opportunity. If you have followed the war in the Ukraine you would know that this is because of the unfair treatment from Russia, more than influence from the West. It is obvious the use of inflammatory headlines has become more about influence and shaping the culture, than encouraging readers to dig deeper into the story. Shame on Comcast, shame on NBC, shame on any media outlet, Right or Left, that uses misleading headlines. No wonder we no longer trust you.

One response

  1. I happened to spot a similar example just yesterday on CNN.com’s web page. The headline has changed in this post by now, but yesterday it was something like “First Anniversary of Memo Announcing Trump Administration Policy that Separated Children From Parents at Border.” Here’s the article:

    What is misleading/phony about this headline and the article is that the processing of illegal immigrants with children (often not even their own) by separating the children and placing them in the care of social services while the adults are in the custody of border patrol agents is a requirement of statutory law passed by Congress. The Obama Administration’s “policy” had been to NOT enforce it. Obama directed his border patrol to utilize “prosecutorial discretion” in order to neglect the enforcement of that law. This was despite the fact that Article II Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the President “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed….” (See https://www.heritage.org/constitution/#!/articles/2/essays/98/take-care-clause)

    What President Trump and AG Jeff Sessions did with their memo on 4/6/2018 was announce that the Obama Administration’s policy of ignoring the law was over. The Trump Administration policy was going to be that the law would be enforced, as the Constitution requires him to faithfully do.

    Does the CNN article say these facts? No.

    Keep fighting the good fight, lady!
    – Jeff


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