The Signers of The Declaration of Independence: A Speech by Rush Limbaugh Jr.

As we celebrate American Independence Day, lets us remember that, “Freedom Isn’t Free” is not just a tired old cliche’. Our Founding Fathers were willing to sacrifice everything they had, their families, farms, fortunes, their “Sacred Honor”. As I read this article, I couldn’t help but wonder. How many Americans today would have been willing to make such sacrifices? How many of us would rather have lived under the oppressive taxation and legal restrictions placed on the Colonies by the tyrannical British Crown, than fight for liberty and freedom? How many of us even have a “sacred honor” to pledge? As 2014 approaches, let us look to our Founding Fathers as an example of what true leadership looks like. We can no longer sit back, relax and enjoy the trappings of liberty. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “Freedom is always just one generation away from extinction”. Are we going to preserve it for our children and grandchildren? Or is it going to end with us?

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