How to End the Gay Marriage Debate

This young man has come up with the best worded compromise to the issue of gay marriage that I have read so far.

The Elephant in the Corner

Marriage is, and always has been, a religious issue.  For thousands of years, this sacred union between one man and one woman was presided over, and solely administered by, religious authorities (i.e. a priest, pastor, imam, rabbi, or the like), and remained relatively free of secular influence. Over the course of the past century, however, secular governments, with overwhelming support from the liberal community, have attempted to redefine marriage, ignoring both religious freedom and the separation of church and state in the process. The social crusade to legalize gay marriage in the United States is a prime example of the state over-stepping its constitutional bounds and defiling religious freedom.

As noted earlier, marriage has always been a religious ceremony presided over by a religious authority; the idea of a government “marrying” a couple and pronouncing them “man and wife” is a relatively new phenomenon. Nevertheless, over the past several decades…

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