The Last Civil Right

People are asking me what my thoughts are on the 2012  Presidential Election. Well here they are!

Am I disappointed that Romney didn’t win, YES!

Am I angry, YES!

Did I think that the people have more common sense than this, YES!!

Will my world stop because Obama won, NO!

Will it change the way I feel about the Democrat Party, NO!

Will it change the way I feel about Obama, HELL NO!!!

I do not understand why the Obama folks are so happy with the results of this election. The re-election of Obama only means: More Unemployment, more people on Welfare, more taxes for EVERYONE (not just the rich), higher food and gas prices,  and much rougher times ahead!! If you think you have a hard time getting in to see a doctor now……just wait…..You haven’t seen anything yet!!! This is not an actual victory for…

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