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Every once in awhile, an article, speech or video comes along that is not only timely, but is so “spot on,” as the Brits say, it makes us say, “Yeah, dammit! Exactly!” The video in this post is one of those “every once in awhiles.”

In the wake of the latest Muslim temper tantrum, British comedian and political commentator Pat Condell’s video hits the despicable Muslim nail square on its disgusting head. Not only are his comments incisive – their message is irrefutable – and foreboding as well. Here’s a sampling:

“Once again, we see thousands of Islamic nutcases take time out from beating their wives to show their sensitive sides – by smashing up the towns they live in – egged on by clerical ignoramuses who motives are even lower than the the literacy level of their followers.”

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  1. Thanks for the reblog. The insidiousness of Islam must be stopped. If our politicians and media don’t wake up and face reality, it’ll be a whole lot harder down the road.


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