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Just more nonsense from the MSM.   Brian Ross from ABC World News did a story yesterday about how big corporations and wealthy donors party it up at the convention trying to influence the candidates.  Time will tell if they will report on the big contributors at the DNC.

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Sadly, not even surprising anymore. Just more verification of the tremendous disadvantage faced by Mitt Romney – or any Republican Presidential Candidate – when the media all over America are such shills for the Democrats. This comment happened to get caught on an ABC News open mic, with the voice reportedly being the “Yahoo! News Washington Bureau Chief.” But you wonder just how much of this goes on that we never hear. My guess is, a great deal.

NewsBusters has all the details.

Mediaite is also reporting the story, pointing out that Barack Obama goes right on fundraising and campaigning during the Hurricane. But, of course, no media criticism for that.

Yahoo Fires David Chalian for Claiming Romneys Want to ‘Party With Black People Dying’ | NewsBusters.orgshar.es/7xjNn


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