Pistol Pack’in Pappy

This man should get the Father of the Year Award.  His daughter might hate him now, maybe for a long time. But when she grows up  (which my also take a while) to be a useful, productive, self-sufficient member of society instead of an entitlement driven drain on her friends and family e.g. the occupiers, she will thank him for that character building moment of national humiliation.

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  1. I have to agree with you!

    We have just quit ‘parenting’ our children. Society. Divorce. Social Media. It has all affected the kids that we are turning out into the world. The narcissism and disrespect are disappointing.

    Good for this man. He took his power back. He ‘parented’his child regardless of what anyone elses opinion was going to be. He parented without fear that his kid would go ‘running’ back to live with the ‘other’ parent.

    He acted like a pissed off hurt, and disappointed Father. How refreshing.


    1. middleagedhousewife | Reply

      Thank you for your comment. He didn’t seem to be worried about shattering her fragile ego either.


  2. I was mostly amused by the comments people have made on the video itself, about how the girl would be scarred for life, etc. The only reason a kid would be scarred for life over losing their computer and being grounded is because their parents haven’t done their job raising the kid to be strong and resilient. I doubt that is a problem for this guy’s daughter. She’s lucky to have a dad who cares that much.


    1. middleagedhousewife | Reply

      Hi fellow housewife. Thank you for your comment. Though it may be well intentioned, one of the worst things we can do for our kids is protect them from disappointment. I have to remember quite often when dealing with my own kids that it’s not the kids they are today but the adults they grown up to be that will be the true judgement of my parenting.


    1. middleagedhousewife | Reply

      This video really has had an impact. The other day I was scolding my college aged daughter about something and she looked at me and dead earnest said “You’re not going to shoot my laptop are you?”


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