Who’s Got Who’s Back?

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I am really irritated at those television commercials advertising free cell phones for low-income people. Yes, basic landline service should be provided for emergency purposes. No one should be left without a way to call 911. What gets me about these commercials however, is that they are misleading as to the source of the funding. One commercial practically insinuates that the Government owes you a cell phone if you are on public assistance. A women in another commercial proudly proclaims that she “has her mother’s back.”  Who do these people think the Government is? A more truthful commercial would have the woman thanking her friends, family, and neighbors for “having her mother’s back” by providing the tax money that subsidises her mother’s phone. I really feel that this is a program that seriously needs to be reconsidered. Why should my tax money go to provide a luxury that I can barely afford myself.

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  1. Surely this is just the mobile phone companies using ‘the puppy dog’ technique in conjunction with the government? Once you have had one for a while you won’t want to give it up? You’ll want better one. One you have to pay for.


    1. This is a government (meaning taxpayer) subsidized program for low income people. My problem with it is that a cell phone, even a basic one, is a luxury item and my tax dollars shouldn’t pay for it. I’m sure that it is a money maker for the phone companies that hold the government contracts. I’m not familiar with the “puppy dog” technique. Could you enlighten me?


      1. I agree with you, I cannot see why a government would deem it necessary to give the poor people a mobile phone, why not tax credits or food vouchers? The ‘puppy dog’ technique is when a company or organisation etc lets you have something on loan/return for a while. Just like the cute little puppy, once you’ve held it you just don’t want to give it back. So you buy it. Once people have had a basic phone for a while they will probably want to upgrade and that will cost them. I don’t know, I could be talking jibberish here 😉


  2. Thanks for filling me in. We have a saying over here. “There no such thing as a free puppy”.


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